Blow Dry Bundle!

Blow Dry Bundle!

Why It’s Important To Look After Your Hair!

One of the key attributes to being a great hairdresser is fulfilling your client’s requirements.

With todays women juggling many plates, from motherhood to Wife Life and adding a dash of “Job” in there, our personal needs are not often met! 

Our crowing glory is by far one of the most important parts to us feeling good about ourselves, but many of us take it for granted and do not treat our tresses well!

So why is it important to let us PRO’S put the bounce into your barnet?

Lets take you to the beginning and show you “The Science”
When hair is washed these temporary hydrogen bonds break and can then be reformed into a new, different shape by blow drying, brushing and heat styling, commonly known as “Blow Drying”. This reformed (Blow Dried”) stage is known as beta keratin… and yes, there is a scientific method to our madness! When your hair is in Alpha Keratin stage, it will revert to its natural shape.

So….Why is this important information??
Well if you don’t dry your hair properly and leave it damp, it can revert back to alpha keratin…(you lose your style). Hair is also up to 5 times weaker when wet, meaning those with damaged hair run the risk of causing further damage if they do not get their hair dried correctly. This is where cleansing and styling products come in.

Many have moisture barriers and chemical polymers to assist styling. Using the correct products for your hair type, for the style you are trying to achieve and team this together with smoothing of the cuticle in the right direction of the hair leads to better hold and shine. And we all lust for that SHINE!

Why do we use a Nozzle?!

Well, nozzles are important for a number of reasons. They concentrate the airflow along the hair shaft, this should always be from root to tip. Never point the dryer from tip to root as this will guarantee frizz. Your strands of hair are covered in what looks like tiny fish scales, heat causes these to open up, so to limit frizz, breakage and to make sure the hair will hold its new beta keratin form… we need to concentrate the flow of cold and hot air. 

So now you have a little insight into what your stylist knows….. This is why a professional blow dry with us will help you not only retain a great style all week but also bring some life benefits to you!

  • We have all the products you need and Professional standard ones to boot!

Lots of high street brands have below par ingredients in them so that they can be mass produced to the masses.

The reason your salon bought shampoo is 3 x as much as a high street retailers own brand is the QUALITY of the products you are getting!

  • Hair should always be washed with the flow of the water!

over the path jobbies are a NO NO! The cuticles of the hair will open and interlock which means your will increase knotting and breakage.

  • Your style will HOLD!

Less touching and preening of your hair will limit breakage, becoming oily and SAVE YOU TIME everyday!

  • The most important part…… ME TIME!

GET PAMPERED! We spend huge parts of our time on this planet pleasing everyone else…. There are 186 hours in a week….. Give yourself 1 and book that blow out!

So now you know WHY you should be getting booked in……. Below is how!

For just £70, you can book 6 professional blow-dries and 2 of those come with a treatment (just to give that hair some yummy nutrients)

Click here and get booked in!

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