Bridal hair is now a huge thing!!! Long gone are the days your second Aunt wacked up some cork screw curls in the kitchen quickly on the morning of your wedding…. Intended Wifey’s are wanting HELLO! Magazine worthy hair and quite frankly…… WHY NOT??? This is YOUR big day and with the birth on Pinterest giving every blushing Bride all the inspo she needs from an app on her phone, the expectations of what is achievable, tend to cause us hairdressers palpitations……

So, how can we be sure we can give you what you want and you get exactly what you want??

Here’s some Tips!
  • Pictures are great inspo and we LOVE them! BUT…. Try to find styles in either the hair colour you are or intend to be! Why? Surely it should make no difference…. well, it does! For example: A brunette, sporting a lose messy style will look far more contemporary and controlled ‘in a picture” than that on a blonde as the lightness of the hair in a picture picks out more colour, making it look “messier”
  • If you have particularly fine hair, anything slick or plaited tightly will enhance this!
  • Put your thumb over the models face and ask yourself to do you like the hair or the models face (we’ve all been there)
  • Be realistic with what you want within the time frame you are giving your stylist…. Something that requires a lot of work when you need to be in the Church for 11am…. You will be looking at an early start.
  • Like with everything to do with Weddings, anyone good – Be expected to pay! Those of us who are experienced in the wedding field have a time line down to a fine art and know how to handle mishaps, late bridesmaids and last minute colour touch ups!! We have all the tricks!
  • If you can, book your final trial on the day you are having your final dress fitting or are able to try your dress on. This way you can see the complete look and really get a feel for whether what you have chosen is for you!
  • Listen to your stylist! We deal with all hair types and will know what will last you the day, compliment your dress and go with your theme but, as always, any good hairdresser will understand this is YOUR day!
  • If opting for Extensions…. Have these fitted at least 4 weeks before your wedding if you have never worn extensions before. It gives them time to settle in, to fit trails and change anything that’s not working for you!
  • In regards to picking a method of extensions…. again, listen to your stylist! If you want something up, Pre-bonded is your most discreet and gorgeous down. Tape is best for down styles or adding volume to pre-bonds or micro rings. Micro Rings and weaves…. ONLY DOWN! Trust ME! And if you’re going abroad, it could be worth you just investing in Clip ins!
  • ALL IN ALL…… Book a consultation and chat everything through! You cannot expect a stylist to be able to know what to do for you and all your bridesmaids over the phone and your bridal package should be just a bespoke as your day itself.
At Vivid Hair, we have been regional finalist for the Wedding Industry Awards and Winners 2 Years in a row with Guides for Brides for our Customer Service and work within the Bridal Industry!
We are up for this a 3rd year in and row and are hoping to hit the hat trick! So, if you have just 2 mins’ spare, please click here to vote for us!
And Don’t forget! We know how costly weddings can be with many being booked 18months in advance, so if you would like to spread the cost of your bridal hair – we have a finance option in place too!

Any questions or to book your free consultation, please contact us on 01604 629011!

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Love Vivid Hair x

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