Extensions FAQs & Aftercare

Vivid hair extensions aftercare

Not sure about something? Find answers to the most commonly asked questions with our helpful hair extensions faqs & aftercare information.


Why not download a copy of the Vivid Hair Aftercare Guide to read at your leisure?

What type of Hair is it?

All of the hair used by Vivid Hair Extensions is 100% AAAA grade Remy Hair. This is one of the highest grades available on the market and all the hair is 100% cuticle correct, UV checked and silky soft.

How Long does the hair last?

Every client is different, as is every clients’ hair, but 95% of Vivid Hair Extensions wearers go 4 – 5 Months with no maintenance required. This can vary though depending on your life style (eg: gym, swim, or need to wash hair a lot) hair type (fine hair clients can lose more as can those with quiet soft hair) and hair that is overly damaged (bond has difficulty attaching to certain strands).

How are the Hair Extensions Attached?

The extensions are attached either via a device that warms the bond (to no more than around 30′c) and this is fixed around the hair shaft or via a CFT machine. This is a specially designed piece of equipment that cannot be purchased but only obtained once completing the intensive CFT course.

What products can I use on my new hair?

Almost all leading brands on the market have been tested and found safe to use on the hair with the exception of a few (please see bottom of page). Hair spray, shine spray and leave in conditioners are all fine as long as they are removed properly from the hair via washing and brushing.

Will the hair extensions damage my own hair?

No! If your extensions are of a high standard, have been fitted correctly and you have followed the simple ‘Do’s & Don’ts’ of hair extensions then your own hair should in fact become better in its condition and grow! But if you do not look after your hair, damage may occur.

Can I wear hair extensions when pregnant?

This is at your own discretion. If you feel that since becoming pregnant your hair has become more oily or you are loosing more of your natural hair, then it would be advised to avoid extensions until this has settled. This is because you may loose more of your extensions.

Can I reuse the hair?

No. Once the hair is removed the bond becomes damaged. Only new hair should be fitted.

How often should I replace my hair extensions?

We recommend that you replace your hair extensions between 4 and 5 months after they are fitted.

Is it safe to remove and replace hair extensions the same day?

Yes, it is fine to have them removed and replaced in the same day, unless you have experienced any problems with your previous set. We will discuss this with you during your consultation.

Can I wear my hair Up?

Yes! The bonding is extremely discreet. Enjoy playing around with new styles!

Can I colour my hair and the extensions?

DO NOT USE home box dyes. We cannot guarantee how these will affect the condition of your extensions, and the manufacturers guarantee will be invalidated.

If you’re having foils or bleach, we recommend you have your hair line and T-section done. Toning, Darkening or Semi-Permanents must be conducted by a trained professional. Do not use a peroxide level higher than 6%.

If you do choose to colour your extensions, please be advised that you do so at your own risk and you should always seek advice from your technician beforehand.

How often should I wash my hair and the extensions?

Not more than once a week. If you choose to wash more frequently, this is at your own risk. The extension hair does not receive the oils our scalp produces when our natural hair becomes dry so over time, washing and styling can dry the hair causing it to become brittle and the bonding may weaken.

Is it normal to lose extensions?

YES, VERY NORMAL! We all shed between 150- 300 natural hairs a day through general wear and tear and some bonds will naturally come away during this process.