And, this statement is no lie!! Currently, by law it is NOT a legal requirement to hold an NVQ in Hairdressing to be a hairdresser…. And this is causing our industry to massive concern, I mean we are literally shoving chemicals on your scalp and not regulated…….


So, The Hairdressers council is now taking on parliament to make it MANDITORY that anyone calling themselves a hairdresser of any kind must be qualified to a minimum of a NVQ level 2 and register with them and its starting to make waves!

Up until now, the government did not believe there was enough evidence to support this notion, which is completely ludicrous when daily you can read yet another horror story in which some poor unsuspecting fool’s hair is ruined due to an unqualified individual getting their hands on them!

Fingers crossed…. Not anymore!

To Quote Keith Conniford – CEO of The Hairdressers Council who was interviewed on the BBC 22nd July 2017:

“The results from the industry, stakeholders and the consumer – Presented an extremely strong and powerful case to ensure that our industry is properly regulated”

For the full report issued to parliament – Click Here

So how do you check your in literally in safe hands?? It’s simple…. any state registered hairdresser will not only be issued with a certificate which can ONLY be gained with proof of their qualifications and most importantly…. EXPERIENCE and said professional can use, LEGALLY the letters SRH after their name!!

So why more importantly did I mention experience…. Hairdressing trends, techniques and colours change as quickly as the shop windows of your favourite fashion houses and not actively being involved within a salon and client base means you won’t have access to what the world is wanting! Gaining your qualification 10 years ago and then do nothing with it does not make for hairdresser and so having active experience that can be proved will ensure, you the client you are getting what you are paying for!

And this brings me onto extensions and the fact there is currently NO REGULATUIONS AT ALL in place.

With how diverse we are and becoming as a race, hair colours, traits, growth patterns, textures and weights are almost individual as your DNA. We now integrate within different countries and of course interbreed so if you are a child of a mixed ethnic family (we hate the word “mixed race” We are one race…. The human one FYI)

You and your sibling’s hair type could all be completely different. Even those whose parents come from similar ethnic backgrounds, can have all different hair…… So How on earth are you meant to learn about all of these hair types, how they grow, which method would work best and every single contraindication possible as well as blending, colour matching aftercare and refitting in a £39 groupon course that lasts at the most 6 hours???

You’re not. END OF.

So, to end this…. here’s some useful tips;

  • State registered, qualified and experienced stylists will hold a certificate and can use the letters SRH – Ask to see this if it’s not displayed.
  • Remember anyone how can’t produce this or any record of qualifications will be using chemicals on your hair…. Be aware, and be worried.
  • HABIA will only accredit private courses aimed at those qualified in Level 2 NVQ or equivalent and CPD will expect a minimum number of hours to gain said qualification. Again, ask to see certificates.
  • Be aware of any course that require “No Experience Necessary” – THIS IS YOUR HAIR!
  • By us fighting for our industry to be correctly regulated means we can bring down the ever-growing rate of traction/damage alopecia and give those who really hone in on their craft the credit they are due.

For any queries regarding this blog, please contact us or if you are a qualified hairdresser and interested in knowing about our HABIA endorsed coursers that will launched later this year.

Love Vivid Hair X

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