Hair extensions have always been shrouded with a dark cloudy shadow and the jury is out on whether this is justified or not! But 1 thing for sure this is a trend that is going to stay!

Why? Well – with the revolution of take home styling appliances that nowadays heat up to over 200’c, the ever-growing market of home colour, styling and poor quality cleansing products – Our Hair is just not growing!!! Well, it is…. But its breaking off at either the same rate or faster so this will give the illusion our hair is just not getting to the length we desire! Now we are the millennial generation, we can everything at the touch of a button – either next day or even faster, so like our amazon shopping…. We want long hair like YESTERDAY!!

So how did this all start, I know most under 18’s will probably believe it was the Kardashians that invented extensions and yes, they have a huge hand in how popular they are but it all started many moons before….

The idea of hair weaves and extensions first came about in the early days of Ancient Egypt, where men and women utilized extensions in their hair to portray a more elegant appearance. Long Straight, silky hair was a sign of wealth as many of the poor had it cut off for work purposes and many of the slave women also, to give to the rich with a gene pool not quite so generous in hair department the lush locks they desired.

By the late 17th century, wigs in various shapes and sizes became a latest fashion trend. Hair weaves did not grow interest until the 1950s, but even during that time celebrities had been the only ones using them. When the “long, disco-haired” era evolved there started to become a widespread of hair weave. Since that era, hair Extension have only become more popular and now readily available to all of all budgets.

So, Tape…. Now this has been around for a while, but like anything its needed to run its course of getting fine-tuned and made impeccable before hitting the mass market!


Beauty Works Tape Extensions, do not disappoint! They come in over 37 shades, are seamless and of course are the most amazing quality. The extensions are light weight and come with contour, smaller pieces which are fantastic for very fine hair, the sides and hair line areas.

They are perfect for blending out fringes and short sections within the hair.

Adding colour whether in large flashes or softer more untraceable sections.

THEY ARE REUSABLE! Yes Yes, once you have paid out for your extensions, only your maintenance appointments are needed, so you can up to 9 months* wear out of these babies!

A full head can be fitted in less than an hour! – (Did we hear Lunch time make over???)

The hair can also be put up! Session and catwalk stylists are RAVING about these!

This is the best new method for very fine, short or damaged hair!

Shades can be easily mixed to create some stunning looks!


They’re not for everyone and take some getting used to!

Mixed raced or Very curly hair…… Not for you! Those invisible tape bonding if caught – will cause havoc!

You will need to come back every 6-8 weeks for maintenance.

Not for bigger swimmers.

You will need to get used to “How” you put your hair up.

Not as thick as weave or bonding. So if your used to super thick look, may not be for you!

But all weighed up, This is DEFFO Vivid’s new fave method and with Hair trends heading towards a more relaxed, beachy look in this years 2017/2018  Fashion Collections – We think The Curly Blow Out look could well be a thing of the past!

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