You go ‘curl’!

You go ‘curl’!

Tumbling waves will always be a go to look but for many of our clientele this can cause all sorts of issues and getting that perfect curl is not as easy as us pro’s make it look!

So, here’s our Top Tips on mastering adding movement to your hair!

  • ALWAYS ensure that your hair in bone dry!!!! Any dampness in the hair and your curls will drop within seconds of you styling them into form + it’s extremely damaging for the hair if not!
  • Use a heat defence spray before drying your hair off and if your hair is particularly stubborn when it comes to holding a curl, a light styling spray can be added once the hair is 80% dry and this will give your style some staying power.
  • Avoid drying the hair into straight form first. Once the cuticles of the hair have been manipulated into form from wet, then tend to retain that “alpha” state.
  • Once the hair is already prepped, you can begin curling! At Vivid we favour the GHD soft or classic curl wand. GHD products are designed not to get over a temperature of 185’c, limiting damage and retain your hairs colour (if processed)
  • ALWAYS follow and roll with the shape of tong. This will limit kinks
  • Style the hair around the face AWAY from the hairline by rolling the hair into the tong or wand towards the back of your head, this way the hair will fall away from your face and into the rest of your hair.
  • If you prefer a “Beach Wave” look, keep half an inch of hair OUT of the tong or wand and this will give the curl a more dishevelled finish.
  • DO NOT BRUSH CURLS OUT UNTIL THEY ARE ALL COOLED. They are still setting into place when they are warm, but if you find the curl looks too tight, this is the time to tease the curl out.
  • The smaller the barrel of the appliance, the tighter the curl. If you have anything smaller than 32mm Barrel and are not able to reinvest into a styling tool, by using more hair in your sections – You will create a looser curl.
  • Spray hair again while cooling with a hair spray and brush out with a soft bristle brush to create a smooth and shiny finish.
  • Shine sprays are AMAZING for creating the mirrored, glistening finish.

AND……. finally, if in doubt…… DO NOT PANIC!!!!! At Vivid a simple “Curl off” is just £15 if you come in with your hair already washed and dried at home, £25 if you would like it washed and dried in salon or you can invest into our Blow Dry Package that is £70- You get to book 6 blow dries’ and 2 of these include an at basin treatment. (T’s & C’s apply)

Also, check out our You Tube Tutorial on curling for a step by step guide and more useful tips!

Love Vivid Hair x

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