Your Wedding, So Why Us?

Your Wedding, So Why Us?

We often get asked what’s the difference between Vivid and using anyone else for your wedding hair and its a good question!

Why choose Vivid? The best and most simple ways is for me to break it down into bulletin points! Your busy, you have a wedding and don’t need us gabbling on!

We have 15yrs experience in hairdressing alone! Yep, all our staff members are trained to the highest reconized accreditation in their fields and all have YEARS of experience not just a few months!

  1. The boss got Married! Hannah Tylaa has recently become a Mrs Britten and we know first hand what goes into wedding planning, running a home, possible children and jobs to work too! With this experience, we can make sure that this part of your day is hassle free!
  2. We like FUN! This part of your day is the most exciting….. Your final look is going to come together and it should be FUN! Let us help you enjoy being transformed into a modern day princess!
  3. we all LOVE what we do! Everyone of us at Vivid is genuinely here because we love what we do and we want our clients to feel that love from the second they meet us!
  4. We will go that extra mile for you…… You want a 7am start or us up in the hills in the castle your getting married… We will be there!

So, take these few factors on board, feel free to call or contact us with any questions and let Vivid help you really stand out on your day!

Happy Planning

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